Innovative Low Temperature And High Magnetic Field Sample Environments For Advanced Cryogenics And Applied Superconductivity Research From The Nanoscience Arm Of Oxford Instruments

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Creating high performance environments for low temperature and high magnetic field applications in physical science research and process development down to the atomic scale.


The Oxford Instruments NanoScience business has grown from the original core business of Oxford Instruments.  Since its foundation it has focused on providing the physical science research community with an extensive range of innovative low temperature and high magnetic field sample environments.  They continue to maintain a leadership position across the range of techniques and applications.

The business has a strong capability in advanced cryogenics and applied superconductivity.  Through the application of these technologies they deliver solutions which meet the exacting needs of scientists working at the forefront of fundamental physics, applied physics, materials science and next generation device development.  With an extensive customer network, a strong reputation for performance and quality, they value the support provided to world leading research scientists in their pursuit of excellence.

The current range of products includes optimised modular equipment which can be configured for a wide range of applications.  In addition, customised equipment can be provided, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the most demanding research programmes.  The range includes variable temperature sample environments based on 4He, 3He and 3He/4He dilution refrigerator technology.  These can be configured with interfaces to optical, X-ray, particle beam, high vacuum and other forms of measurement system.

The company has a unique capability to integrate a wide range of superconducting magnet products to provide specific magnet field capabilities.  All systems are provided with electronic and software control to provide a powerful user interface.  All this is supported by world class service and a support network plus OI Direct spares and accessories supply.

Source: Oxford Instruments

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