Capovani Brothers – Buyer, Refurbisher and Seller of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Nanotechnology Area

Used equipment for science and industry including semiconductors

Description of Activities

Capovani Brothers Inc. is at heart a buyer, refurbisher, and seller of used semiconductor manufacturing equipment. As such, we deal with a wide variety of customers, having an equally wide variety of needs and interests. Established in 1987, and an online pioneer with our web-based inventory catalog since 1994, Capovani Brothers Inc. are proud of our reputation in the industry and we continue to work toward impressing our customers with simple honesty and value. Capovani Brothers Inc. feel that the great number of repeat customers that we serve is testimony to the success of these efforts.

Typical Inventory Available through Capovani Bros Inc

In terms of inventory, what Capovani Brothers Inc. buy and sell typically ranges from vacuum pumps and power supplies, to clean room equipment, inspection microscopes, and sputtering chambers: pretty much everything you'll find here on our website. All of this equipment is owned by us and stored at our Scotia, NY facility – conveniently located near the NYS thruway just outside of Albany. Before leaving our facility each piece is thoroughly tested and, when necessary, refurbished to meet manufacturers' specifications.

Typical Equipment Available through Capovani Bros Inc

Capovani Brothers Inc. typically carry the following product that fall into the following categories:

•        Heating & Cooling

•        Inspection Equipment

•        Laboratory Equipment

•        Material / Physical Testing Equipment

•        Optical and Photonic Equipment

•        Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

•        Surface Processing Equipment

•        Test & Measurement Equipment

•        Vacuum Processing Equipment

Corporate Asset Disposition and Inventory Management

In addition to buying and selling scientific research and manufacturing equipment, Capovani Brothers Inc. also offer our expertise as consultants in the areas of corporate asset-disposition and online inventory management. If you've spent any time on the web looking to buy used equipment, even a brief look at our website should serve to illustrate the uniqueness and utility of our sales approach. Given the breadth of products in the surplus asset field, we believe strongly in the importance of providing our customers with highly detailed product descriptions (including detailed manufacturers specifications and high resolution digital photos) and we have the capability of providing this kind of detail in a highly flexible web-based format. If you like what you see here on our website, you are also likely to appreciate what we can do to help market your own inventory of quality used equipment.

Contact Details

Ed Capovani
Capovani Brothers Inc
Corporations Park
Scotia, NY, 12302

Tel.: +1 518 346 8347
Fax.: +1 518 381 9578

E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:

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