Electrospray Aerosol Generator Model 3480 from TSI for Producing High Concentrations Of Monodisperse, Submicrometer Particles

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The Electrospray Aerosol Generator (EAG) from TSI produces high concentrations of monodisperse, submicrometer particles from 2 to 100 nm (initial droplet diameter of 150 nm, nominal). The Electrospray pushes a charged liquid solution or suspension through a capillary tube and exerts an electrical field on the liquid at the capillary tip. The electrical field pulls the liquid from the capillary, forming individual droplets. Air and CO2 mixed with the droplets evaporate the liquid and the remaining particles are neutralized by an ionizer.

Figure 1. The Electrospray produces particles as small as 2 nanometers in diameter.

Features and Benefits

•        Generates particles from 2 to 100 nm in diameter

•        Particles are uniform in size and shape


•        Instrument calibration

•        Nano-aerosol studies

•        Macromolecular and submicrometer aerosol analysis

•        Nanometer-sized powder dispersion

Source: TSI Incorporated

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