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Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Nanoparticles – Properties, Applications

Nanoparticle research has gained momentum in the recent years by virtue of the unexpected outcomes that are possible by altering the atomic and molecular properties of basic elements. This article elaborates on the properties and applications of tungsten sulfide nanoparticles.

Tungsten disulfide nanoparticles (WS2) are partially soluble in water and acidic solutions. It occurs in nature in the form of a mineral called tungstenite. These nanoparticles are the principal component of catalysts that are used for hydrodenitrification. They are used widely as solid lubricants that are used at high temperature environments. Tungsten is a Block D, Period 6 element and sulphur is a Block P, Period 3 element.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of tungsten disulfide nanoparticles are as per the table below.

Chemical Data
Chemical symbol WS2
CAS No 12138-09-9
Group Tungsten 6
Sulphur 16
Electronic configuration Tungsten [Xe] 4f14 5d4 6s2
Sulphur [Ne]3s2 3p4
Chemical Composition
Element Content (%)
Tungsten 74.13
Sulphur 25.8

Physical Properties

Tungsten disulfide nanoparticles appear in the form of a blue-grey powder. The physical properties are listed below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 7.5 gm/cm3 0.27 lb/in3
Molar Mass 247.98 g/mol -

Thermal Properties

The thermal properties of tungsten disulfide nanoparticles are as below.

Properties Metric Imperial
Melting Point 1250°C 2282°F


Some of the applications of tungsten disulfide nanoparticles are listed below:

  • Used in catalysts in processes such as hydrodesulfurization. Also used in oil catalysts.
  • They are used as solid lubricants, dry film lubricants and in self-lubricating composite materials. They are especially effective in environments of high pressure, high vacuum and high load.
  • They are also used as semiconductor materials.
  • Also used as the fuel cells of the anode and anode sensors.

Source: AZoNano

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