Samsung Launches Nano e-HEPA Air Purifier System - New Product

Samsung Electronics has launched its new Nano e-HEPA (for electric High Efficiency Particulate Arrest) filtration system. The system filters the air to filter particles, eliminate undesirable odours and kill airborne health threats.

The purification system has 12 stages that results in the cleanest and healthiest air quality possible. It uses a metal dust filter that has been coated with 8 nanometer silver particles. The Kitasato research center of environmental sciences in Japan found the nanofilter killed 99.7% of influenza viruses and the use of a UV lamp further assisted in the control of bacteria. Up to 98% of odours were eliminated and another nano-filter eliminated all noxious volatile organic compound (VOCs) fumes from paint, varnishes and adhesives.

Posted 27th February 2004

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