Samsung To Make Nanotech Products In Thailand - New Technology

South Korean electrical-appliance giant, Samsung, has announced that Thai Samsung Electronics, will be the first unit of the company outside Korea to produce products with nanotech technology.

The Samsung nano-silver technology uses electrolytic silver nano-particles to destroy bacteria in electrical appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioners. The nano-silver technology will be introduced at the Sriracha plant before the end of the month and will initially be used in single-tub automatic washing machines. The technology will be added to the production refrigerators and air-conditioners next month.

When used in washing machines, the nano-silver can destroy bacteria present in garments and prevent the spread of bacteria on clothes. Refrigerators have a nano-silver coating on the inner surface that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria and keeps food fresher, longer. Nano-silver in airconditioners is used on filters to remove bacteria from the air and prevent fungi from breeding on the filter. It also purifies the air, reducing dust and eliminating odours.

Posted 7th May 2004

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