Optilab® T-rEX™ Refractive Index Detector for HPLC/GPC

The Optilab® T-rEX™ (refractometometer with EXtended range) is used in conjunction with any FPLC, HPLC, FFF or GPC separation system along with a Wyatt multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detector such as the DAWN® HELEOS® II or miniDAWN TREOS®, for the absolute determination of the molar mass of all kinds of macromolecules in solution. Its dynamic range exceeds that of any comparable instrument by 50x, without sacrificing sensitivity.

The T-rEX adds many unique capabilities over other on-line refractometers:

  • Measurement of the absolute refractive index of a solution, important for characterizing solvents
  • Range: -0.0047 to +0.0047 RIU
  • Sensitivity: 7.5x10-10 RIU
  • Measurement of the dn/dc of a sample at the same wavelength of light as the light scattering instrument, critical for accurate polymer characterization
  • Temperature control both above and below ambient, from 4°C - 65°C

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