Bruker’s S2 PICOFOX TXRF Spectrometer for Trace Analysis

The S2 PICOFOX is the world’s first portable bench top spectrometer for rapid semi-quantitative and quantitative multi-element analysis of suspensions, liquids and solids using the principle of total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. The S2 PICOFOX is ideally suited for trace element analysis attaining detection limits in the ppm and ppb range.

The spectrometer is capable of identifying trace elements in concentrations down to 0.1ppb. Sample amounts in the µg or µl range are sufficient for quantitative results.

The S2 PICOFOX has a small footprint and enables mobile use for on-site measurements or measurements in the field. First results can be obtained within minutes. The S2 PICOFOX works without the need for costly consumables, liquid nitrogen or gases.

Key Features

The key features of the S2 PICOFOX include:

  • Detection limits down to 0.1ppb because of improved fluorescence yield and reduced background
  • Reduced scattering and absorption effects in the sample matrix enable simple quantification
  • Low operating cost, no need for any media, disposables or periodic maintenance
  • Simultaneous multi-element trace analysis incl. halogenides
  • Analysis of smallest sample amounts, partly nondestructive
  • Simple quantification using an internal standard
  • Suitable for various sample types and applications, e.g. liquids, suspensions, solid materials, thin films, filters or contaminations
  • Portable system for fast in-field analyses
  • Nitrogen gas purge system optionally available for eliminating the Ar peak
  • Robust technology, which can also be used for students training

Key Applications

The key applications of the S2 PICOFOX include:

  • Authenticity tests of pharmaceutical samples - the characterization of brand drugs and their generics is an essential task in pharmaceutical analysis.
  • Quality control of liquid nutrients and milk powder By using the S2 PICOFOX, quanitative measurements of micro- and macronutrients are possible.
  • Other applications include trace elements in river, lake and sea water, toxicological analysis of blood and urine, monitoring of cancer medication in blood, quality and origin control and of wine, elemental composition of nanoparticles and fast wipe tests for contamination control.

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