iMicro Nanoindenter for High Quality Material Testing and Dynamic Data Experiments

The iMicro nanoindenter is designed to meet material testing requirements such as data accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use. It combines the user-friendly software, test reliability, and instrument capabilities of the innovative iNano and enhances the performance further with high load nanoindentation, a vital feature for quality control and R&D labs around the world.

The iMicro offers users high quality data as well as most data points per dynamic experiment since it has industry leading 20 micro-second time constants and data acquisition speeds of up to 100 kHz.

The iMicro also provides excellent possible range of experiments and applications, with 1 N of force and 80 microns of displacement.

Key Features

The main features of the iMicro nanoindenter are as follows:

  • Decouple force and displacement - Electromagnetic actuators are linear devices that decouple force and displacement, providing highest force of 1N, resolution of 6 nN and ultra-low noise floors of <200 nN
  • Numerous test options - A broad range of tests can be performed using the iMicro, including storage and loss modulus, constant strain rate, frequency specific experiments, and modulus and hardness (Oliver and Pharr)
  • Load-frame stiffness - >3,500,000 N/m
  • Numerous actuator options - To meet the most specific requirements for testing any material from hard coatings to ultra-soft gels
  • Data confidence - KLA instruments offer the industry’s broadest range and most reliable data, capable of dynamic excitation frequencies ranging between 0.1 Hz and 1 kHz
  • Smart experiment design - The iMicro includes InView software, a highly powerful and intuitive experiment-scripting platform to promote novel experiments with versatility for setting up and performing virtually any small-scale mechanical test
  • Excellent control - It is the only commercial system to concurrently offer maximum indenter travel of 50 μm, digital resolution of 0.02 nm, a noise floor of <0.1 nm, and drift rates of <0.05 nm/s, with a time constant of 20 microseconds
  • Precise targeting - Sample stage movement of 25 mm in the Z axis, 100 mm in the X, and 21 mm in the Y axis with 1 nm resolution facilitates a broad range of sample heights, and precise sample targeting across a large area
  • Automated tip calibration - Unique tip-calibration system combined into the software to allow for rapid, accurate and automated tip calibration
  • Topography and Tomography Software  - Optional NanoBlitz Topography and Tomography Software to perform 3D and 4D mapping of materials.
  • Scratch - Available scratch option featuring a maximum normal load of 50 mN, maximum scratch distance of 2.5mm and a maximum scratch speed of 500 µm/s.

Customer Testimonials

The state-of-the-art performance of KLA products really helps my research on mechanical properties of novel intermetallic compounds at small length-scales. Moreover, I really appreciate their fast service to resolve any issues. KLA is the best company to work with for anyone who wants to perform nanoindentation.

Seok-Woo Lee, Pratt & Whitney Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Stanford University

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