The Filmetrics® F54-XY-200 for Thickness Measurement

The Filmetrics® F54-XY-200 film thickness measurement equipment is intended to measure samples up to 200 mm x 200 mm in an automated process.

The F54-XY-200 comes in a variety of wavelength configurations, allowing it to work with a diverse range of film thickness measurement applications. Usually, thinner films need shorter wavelengths for measurement, while thicker, rougher and more opaque films necessitate longer wavelengths.

The F54-XY-200 can map a variety of samples that include:

  • Photoresist, oxides, nitrides, SOI and wafer backgrinding for semiconductor production
  • LCD with cell gaps, polyimide and ITO
  • Photoresist, silicon membranes and dielectric stacks are examples of MEMS
  • Hardness coatings, anti-reflection coatings and filters are examples of optical coatings

Pattern identification and a 3-position automatic turret are available on the F54-XY-200 hardware device.

Key Features

  • Motorized X-Y stage for accurate, pre-determined readings
  • Simple and easy to save, replicate and visualize results
  • Incorporated microscope and live video
  • Polar, rectangular, linear and custom mapping layouts
  • Tiny spot size and autofocus for optimal accuracy
  • Clear analytical software
  • Extensive mechanical characteristics library
  • Embedded online diagnostics
  • 24-hour email, phone and online service

Filmetrics F54-XY-200 film thickness measurement tool.

Filmetrics F54-XY-200 film thickness measurement tool. Image Credit: KLA Corporation​​​​​​

F54-XY-200 wavelength configurations.

F54-XY-200 wavelength configurations. Image Credit: KLA Corporation

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