Precision Surface Metrology Optical Non-contact Profiler Zeta-300

The Zeta-300 suface metrology tool provides integral acoustic isolation to reduce the effects of sound and air currents on sample measurements. When gathering data on structures that are less than 1µm high, even small vibrations caused by sound and air disturbances can affect your results. Coupled with an optional isolation table, the Zeta-300 delivers accuracy and repeatability unmatched by other optical profilers.

Flexible Hardware & Software Options

In research, it is often unpredictable what type of surface you will need to measure. With this in mind, the Zeta-300 has a modulear design that allows for a wider range of hardware measurement options as well as software packages:

  • Film Thickness Spectrometer
  • QDIC/Nomarski for nanometer-scale roughness
  • iX5 hybrid interferometer objective
  • Piezo stage for 3nm Z-resolution
  • Tilt stages, sample holders and vacuum chucks
  • Auto feature detect/measure software
  • Auto surface area calculation, statistical analysis
  • ...and much more!

User Testimonial

The diversity and speed of the KLA are unmatched qualities of this system that make it indispensable in the lab. The customer service is fast and helped us even with the most unique and special requests we had, including personal software updates.

Florian Stumpf, Fraunhofer Institute IISB, Germany

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Application-Specifific Metrology

The Zeta-300 surface metrology tool is suited to applications as outlined below.

LED, PSS & PEC analysis

  • Auto Height, Diameter & Pitch for PSS
  • Analyze photo-resist or post-etch PSS bumps
  • Auto feature detect, roughness for post-epi mesa analysis
  • 2”, 4” & 6” wafer vacuum chucks

Solar cell and wafer analysis

  • Auto Finger Height, Width & Volume
  • Poly-Si and Mono-Si Surface Area & Texture
  • Silicon-NItride AR Film Thickness
  • Multi-site and auto finger detect
  • 156mm solar wafer vacuum chuck

Micro-fluidics and MEMS analysis

  • Transparent multi-surface profiling
  • Deep trench/well & high aspect ratio feature profiling
  • Programmable cursors and cross-sections

EZ Metrology

  • Multi-site sequences & multi-FOV 3D image stitching with autostage option
  • Auto Slope & waviness compensation
  • Auto Surface leveling
  • Auto Feature height, dimensions, angle, area
  • Auto Linear and areal roughness

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