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AB SCIEX Now Owns Liquid Chromatography Business of Eksigent

AB SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies, today announced that it has acquired the liquid chromatography business of Eksigent Technologies. This acquisition significantly strengthens AB SCIEX's position in liquid chromatography, which is a key technology used frequently in a broad range of life science applications such as protein biomarker research, drug discovery and basic research.

This acquisition by AB SCIEX provides the company with a significant entry into the liquid chromatography market through the ability to provide instrumentation and consumables used to separate, identify and quantify very small quantities of molecules based on their chemical properties and to couple them with mass spectrometry instruments to form complete workflow solutions. Eksigent is a leading provider of advanced low-flow, fluid delivery technologies.

Among the technologies AB SCIEX is acquiring are Eksigent's NanoLC-Ultra System for proteomics, the cHiPLC-nanoflex System for protein peptide separations, and the ExpressHT-Ultra HPLC System for LC/MS studies of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism. Approximately 50 employees in Eksigent's research and development, manufacturing, sales and related functions will continue to operate at its Dublin, California headquarters.

"This acquisition demonstrates the strategy for growth that resulted in the creation of AB SCIEX," said Andy Boorn, president of AB SCIEX. "Eksigent's portfolio of HPLC technologies is among the most innovative within the industry and is extremely complementary to our market-leading mass spectrometry systems. We expect to further develop and broaden the use of these technologies for a variety of life science applications."

President Laura Lauman added: "AB SCIEX is focused on providing some of the most innovative technologies and integrated workflow solutions for the life science industry. This acquisition addresses a broad range of applications, such as the rapidly growing peptide quantitation market, by further enabling breakthrough performance and ease of use through the combination of Eksigent's leading-edge liquid chromatography technology and AB SCIEX's best-in-class mass spectrometers. The use of liquid chromatography continues to grow, and we are looking forward to working with the Eksigent team to create additional value for our customers around the world."


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