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Triton Systems Partners with North Dakota State University for Research on Coatings

North Dakota State University, Fargo, and Triton Systems, Inc. (Triton), a Massachusetts-based materials products company, have announced a research partnership and Triton's plan to establish a new facility in the NDSU Research and Technology Park.

The company's Fargo facility will primarily be devoted to applications engineering and manufacturing of advanced coatings for military products including bed nets, tent fabrics, and military garments. Future applications include chemical detection sensing systems.

The Triton facility, to be located in Fargo's NDSU Research & Technology Park, will house Triton's novel and environmentally friendly ASSET™ coatings capabilities. The ASSET™ (Advanced Solutions in Surface Engineering Technology) coating method is a unique and powerful process enabling ultrathin, rugged, highly functional surface modifications and coatings for such broad applications as biomedical devices, textiles, optical systems, and electronics. The coatings can be applied to almost any surface making it ideal for a variety of new products. Initially, the facility will be set up to support applications engineering for a number of end-uses for the Department of Defense in partnership with NDSU. Triton plans to acquire approximately 3,000 sq ft of space with the goal of doubling that space within 24 months.

"We are excited that the company recognizes the opportunities and expertise available in partnership with NDSU," commented NDSU President Richard A. Hanson. "NDSU offered the first coatings course in 1905 and continues its international reputation for coatings research and licensing of coatings technology to global companies." NDSU's Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering specialize in coatings research.

"We see this as a great growth opportunity for Triton and for the NDSU community," said Dr. Philip Boudjouk, vice president for Research, Creative Activities and Technology Transfer at NDSU. "Triton's partnership with NDSU leverages more than a century of experience in coatings research on campus and nearly a decade of cutting-edge expertise in robotics applied to polymers research and development. The support of U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan and the Red River Valley Research Corridor for NDSU's marine and antimicrobial coatings program laid the foundation for this significant new opportunity. We're very excited to have Triton join our high-tech community."

Being close to the world-class facilities at North Dakota State University (NDSU) enables Triton to leverage the capabilities of NDSU researchers and Centers of Excellence, with Triton's engineering and manufacturing expertise to support concepts all the way to full production of coatings products. "Establishing this facility at this juncture, in partnership with the State of North Dakota, strongly complements the commercialization path that we're on," said Ross Haghighat, Triton president and CEO. "Our customers will benefit immensely from the synergy between Triton and NDSU."

Dr. Arjan Giaya, Triton vice president of technology, also noted, "Anti-microbial (anti-bacterial) coatings are increasingly important to the U.S. Military as service personnel deployed overseas are exposed to environmental conditions that can cause illnesses from airborne diseases and physical contact." The specialty coatings that Triton is developing for fabrics (garments, tents, etc.) and medical systems help to markedly reduce the risk of these diseases. The Triton-designed bed nets also combine unprecedented insecticide performance with a form, fit and function that promises to bring enhanced protection and added functionality.

"Having Triton open this facility defines the model of success that we're continuing to build on - to reach out to new technology companies to partner with us and to continue this path of success together," explained Tony Grindberg, executive director, NDSU Research & Technology Park. "We want our young talent to stay in North Dakota - we want companies to move in."

Triton has a proven track record of forging global alliances to transition product concepts out of the lab and into the marketplace, partnering with numerous Fortune 500 companies and major universities alike to mature ideas to marketable products. Triton plans to hire applications engineering, processing and manufacturing positions in Fargo.


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