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New MIC2826 IC from Micrel Available in Tiny 2.5mm x 2.5mm Thin MLF Package

Micrel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today launched a new four output, programmable Power Management IC, the MIC2826.

The device integrates a single 500mA PWM/PFM synchronous buck (step-down) regulator with three Low Dropout Regulators in a tiny 2.5mm x 2.5mm Thin MLF® package. The MIC2826 also features a standard 400 kHz Fast-mode I²C interface that provides Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS), programmable power sequencing, and individual output control, making it the perfect integrated power system solution for advanced portable electronics. The IC is optimized for high efficiency power support in GPS subsystems, general purpose PMIC, mobile phones/PDAs, portable media players, mobile television receivers, and application processors. The IC is available in volume and is priced at $1.13 for 1,000 quantities.

"This advanced PMIC provides a complete power solution for application processors and greatly extends battery life. All four outputs are fully controlled through I2C that allows for Dynamic Voltage Scaling of the HyperLight Load™ buck regulator. The step resolution of 25mV increments can precisely match the power output to the real-time needs of the processor," noted Andy Khayat, director, portable business unit, Micrel. "The other three LDO outputs can be post regulated for high efficiency support of the other system power rails such as Digital I/O and Analog interfaces. This device's advanced features and extreme performance meets the needs of the market's hottest new consumer devices. The PMIC has already attracted strong customer interest from market leaders that are seeking longer battery life for their power-hungry consumer devices."

The synchronous buck regulator features a patented HyperLight Load™ (HLL) architecture that minimizes switching losses, offers fast transient response throughout the entire load range and provides low quiescent current operation for high efficiency at light loads. The proprietary architecture switches at 4MHz, which reduces the value and size of the output capacitors and inductor, thereby reducing overall system size and cost. Three high performance LDOs are integrated into the MIC2826 to provide additional system voltages for I/O, memory and other analog functions. Each LDO is capable of sourcing 150mA output current with high PSRR and low output noise. A 2 percent output voltage accuracy, low dropout voltage (150mV @ 150mA), and low ground current of 116µA (all three LDOs operating) makes this device ideally suited for mobile applications. All the outputs can be controlled via Enable pin or I2C using a simplified single command register to reduce latency for an ultra-fast response time. Other benefits include standard fast-mode I2C control interface, default start-up voltage states and sequencing, fault indication processor flag (IRQb), thermal shutdown, current-limit protection and a Power On After Fault (POAF) function. The MIC2826 is available in a tiny 14-pin 2.5mm x 2.5mm Thin MLF® with a junction operating range from -40degC to +125degC.


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