New Phase Masks from Ibsen for 800 nm TE Illumination

Ibsen has introduced a new Phase mask product: Phase masks for 800 nm fs inscription.

We are pleased to present that we have developed technology that allows for the 0. order suppression of Phase masks optimized for 800 nm TE illumination. With 1000-1100 nm period Phase masks, this has not previously been possible.

The development project included a trial production lot of a sample Phase mask of this type, with the following specs:

Engineering Sample Phase mask specifications:

  • Ibsen Uniform Phase mask, +/- 1. order principle
  • Grating period: 1070.00 nm
  • Grating size: 20 mm x 10 mm
  • Substrate size: 30 mm x 25 mm
  • Optimized for 800 nm TE illumination
  • 0. order: < 4%

A limited number of this Phase mask are available for immediate delivery, and are offered at the price of EUR 3.495,- per mask.

Ibsen also offers production of custom Phase masks optimized for 800 nm TE illumination - inquire with your required parameters to receive a quotation.


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