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Research and Markets Adds Report on Nanosilver Markets

Research and Markets has added a report, Nanosilver Markets 2011, to its offering. According to this report, nanosilver irrespective of the form it is in such as nanostructure, ink or powder provides all features offered by industrial silver with a superior performance level.

Hence, nanosilver inks make well at lower temperatures and are more conductive than corresponding inks that utilize conventional silver. Nanosilver powders comprising silver nanostructures are highly efficient antibacterial solutions and agents and can serve to be a better substitute for ITO that are utilized in the display industry as a transparent conducive coating.

However, the market for nanosilver faces key challenges. Even though the nanosilver quantity required to carry out a particular task is less than the conventional silver preparation, at present these products are very costly and unaffordable for potential customers. Additionally, the excess utilization of these materials having valuable antimicrobial properties can lead to unanticipated side effects and environmental problems. Due to these regulatory barriers, the utilization of nanosilver comes down and reduces the sales considerably in the forthcoming years.

This report analyzes the possibilities offered by the nanosilver in the following eight years. It describes nanomaterials such as nanocomposite materials, pastes and adhesives, nanosilver-based inks, silver nanostructures and nanopowders. It also highlights all the key applications of nanosilver and together offers information on the marketing strategies and product development of top manufacturers. Similar to all other NanoMarkets reports, this report offers eight year forecasts of these materials in terms of value and volume.



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