Cambridge NanoTech Delivers its 300th ALD Tool

Cambridge NanoTech has reached another milestone by delivering its 300th Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) tool to the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ affiliate, the Institute of Coal Chemistry (ICC) located in Shanxi, China.

Cambridge NanoTech’s ALD tools have turned out to be a significant strategic solution for manufacturers and researchers demanding digital control for a broad array of materials, including metals, sulfides, nitrides and oxides. The company has delivered its Savannah ALD equipment to ICC’s versatile research and development facility.

Dr. Yong Qin, who serves as a Professor at State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion, ICC, explained that the institute selected the Savannah ALD tool because of its ability to produce accurate and homogeneous films, particularly in developing novel precursors. The institute intends to utilize the ALD system for depositing supported nanocatalysts for industrial catalytic applications. The Savannah ALD system will be the workhorse of the laboratory and allows the institute to perform thermal process with minimal to no maintenance. The institute will work with a broad array of materials such as Ru, Pt, VOx, SnO2 and TiO2.

Besides this landmark, Cambridge NanoTech had released its first webinar series entitled ‘What is Atomic Layer Deposition and Why Should You Care?’ earlier this month. This series emphasized the basics of ALD and more than 275 participants from 32 nations had attended it. The company’s upcoming webinars will focus on the advantages of plasma ALD solutions and the development of self assembled monolayers. The company’s three well-known Savannah ALD system models are S100, S200, and S300. Its other products are Fiji plasma-enhanced ALD tools for research and development and the Tahiti and Phoenix systems for large-area and batch production needs.



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