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Nano Labs Reports Road Map and Business Plan for 2013

Nano Labs Corp. is an emerging research and development company that is focused on becoming one of the global market leaders in the field of nanotechnology.

Mr. Bernardo Chavarria, President of Nano Labs, is pleased to provide the following letter to shareholders.

To the shareholders of Nano Labs:

On behalf of the Nano Labs Board of Directors, I am pleased to report that our road map and business plan for success through 2013 promises to make Nano Labs the company to watch as a rising American star in the emerging field of nanotechnologies.

We have a broad and diverse nanotechnology product portfolio, and a strong management team highlighting a scientific legacy through our Chief Research and Innovation Officer, Dr. Victor Castano. He brings with him an innovative portfolio of more than 500 peer-reviewed and published papers, products, and prototypes representing some 30 years of his work in in the field.

We are pleased to report that our young company is now beginning to coming together in a North American alliance that uniquely positions us for aggressive growth and success across multiple industry sectors where nanotechnologies are making significant changes to the very fabric of industry.

Intrinsic Business Value

The markets for our unique products look very promising. Experts predict the nanotechnology sector will represent 15 per cent of all global manufactured goods by 2014, representing over $2.6 trillion in global revenues. The full scope of nanotechnology's growing significance to industry and the investment community comes clearly into focus when you consider that revenues for nanotechnology were just $13 billion in 2004.

Our Business Mantra

Our business model does not follow the norms in our field. Rather than developing and promoting one product – or one category of products – we instead aim to offer a range of next generation products covering many sectors of the economy, including energy and fuel, health and medicine, food and agriculture, plus nano products and materials with the potential for broad-based industrial and consumer goods' applications.

Given this scope our business model is perhaps best understood in terms of marketing and sales. Think of us as the global brand Nano Labs, and under this brand umbrella fall a number of sub-brand units (SBUs), each consisting of a particular nanotechnology product solution from our store of more than 500 peer-reviewed and published nanotechnology papers, products, and prototypes.

We bring each innovative product - or SBU - to market-ready or near market-ready status, then work towards commercialization of the product through what could be regional, national, or international joint ventures and strategic partnerships that may involve industry, government, academia - or combinations thereof.

In this way, we focus sharply on licensing our nanotechnology solutions by category and/or by territory. We look for long-term relationships with key licensing and distribution partners – a process that may include assigning patents, licensing patents for a field of use, technology transfer, copyrights, royalty agreements, buying a product line, and other methods.

Product Launches and Real Progress

Since our launch in October 2012, we have announced five innovative nanotechnology products holding what we believe have phenomenal potential for immediate and near-to-mid-term commercialization.

We announced our first product entry, a next-generation thermal insulation products the coating provides also fire and heat protection against high temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius. The nano thermal coating is resistant to corrosion, rust, water, and oxidization -- making it particularly durable, as does its capability of reflecting up to 82% of ultraviolet rays that, over time, can contribute to deterioration involving structural materials such as PVC. Of particular note in hotter climates, the potential to reduce air-conditioning related costs by as much as 40%, is a strong commercial driver.

Our proprietary process for the development of this coating makes it commercially and economically viable for use across all industry applications. As our first product entry, we believe it is commercially strong and diverse. Global growth for thermal insulation technology is predicted to grow, driven by international industry and governments sharpening efforts to foster and promote energy savings and safety in spheres crossing all borders, industry, and society. In 2014, the global paints & coatings market is forecast to have a value of $105.8 billion, an increase of 15.4% since 2009. We are currently testing these products with a variety of industry partners and distributors and look forward to reporting sales we hope as early as Q2 of this year.

We announced our second commercial product launch, moving forward to patent and commercialize the process of producing industrial diamonds, again using the our proprietary nanotechnology. This provides a very low cost alternative to current synthetic diamonds used in traditional industrial applications, and has major industry consumers in the following fields: computer chip production, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining services (drilling for mineral, oil, and gas exploration), stone cutting and polishing, and transportation systems (infrastructure and vehicles). Our long-term vision, which we hope to announce more details of shortly, includes development with strategic partners as it continues to research through engineering design and development for the production of its Tequila Diamond technology. Moving forward in 2013, to develop production processes, manufacturing systems, eventually to full scale production in 2014 and licencing agreements, creating valve for our shareholders.

Our third product launch, exemplifies our focus on consumer driven "green chemistry" whereby we were asked to create a nanotech nail polish that is non-toxic, eco-friendly but twice as durable as conventional offerings. We are focused on sustainable products that are healthy alternatives for our customers and the environmentally sound consumer options. We look forward to reporting a positive conclusion from our discussions with a major American cosmetic manufacturer and distributor, and as previously promised look forward to further reporting pending the licensing agreement we hope to complete in the coming weeks. We hope to generate revenues in the 2nd quarter of this year from these efforts.

Around the same time, and following in the genre of green chemistry, we began to address the global issues of food production and CO2 reduction with the development of and commercialization of our LED lighting system combined with its CO2 greenhouses gas management system. Our next two exciting product launches.

Our innovative "intelligent illumination system" for greenhouses, that works with commercial light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to reduce energy consumption and improve processes contributing to the growth of plant life in agricultural greenhouses. In developing the technology, our goal was to help world agriculture to improve the crop yields and the quality of produce, while maintaining low energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impacts. The new technology holds promise to increase efficiencies in greenhouse CO2 use by up to 20%, improve crop yields by up to 25%, and reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.  We are pleased to report that we are currently in late stage discussions with a leading agriculture co-op to begin testing in their pilot facility in Q1 of this year.

Future Operations and Prospects

While our nano coatings, industrial diamonds, and greenhouse technologies have sparked interest from around the globe, we are continuing to develop our IP and patents. An important cornerstone we believe of our shareholder value that we are intent on growing.

Our research focus for 2013 is on technologies that make a difference, including alternative fuels, waste water technologies and waste management systems that impact our global environment.

We strongly believe we have bright prospects for long-term international relationships with significant global brand licensing and distribution partners. I look forward to further discussing these developments and others like it soon as we diligently finalize details involving new patents and intellectual property rights, launch our new sales and marketing activities, and advance to new frontiers in our business development activities.

In closing

We will continue to apply ourselves madly, genuinely and passionately to the creation of advanced nanotechnology designed to benefit industry and the lives of people everywhere. From a vast and varied store of ideas, products, and prototypes come innovations that we are just beginning to unveil. Our product list will only grow.

Simply put, nanotechnology is set to become a vital industrial resource that can make for better products, better processes, better goods, and a better world. It is poised to affect industries, economies, and societies worldwide. Indeed, it's amazing what science and industry are now capable of achieving through the modification and manipulation of matter at molecular and atomic scales.

It is satisfying to know that we are well on our way to commercializing nanotechnology products that not only hold great potential for investors, but that come with the promise of making our industries stronger, our economies healthier, and our environment safer.

We thank you for your continued support on this exciting journey.


Mr. Bernardo Chavarria


Nano Labs Corp.


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