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Presentation on NAnO3 Durable Ozone Water by Opt Creation to Orthodontist Sector

OPT Creation, Inc. is an Innovation and Technology licensing company making cleaner and safer living environment utilizing Nanobubble Technology and Chemical free technology. We would like to announce that we made our presentation of one of our technology "Durable Ozone Water" at 113th Annual Session of American Association of Orthodontists which was held from 5/3/2013~5/5/2013 at Pennsylvania Convention Center.

It is known that Ozone water has a strong sterilizing power, have effects of sterilization, deodorizing, bleaching and has a wide range of excellent effects such as keeping freshness of food products. Because it is easy to dissolve naturally and has low persistency, there is no accumulation to the human body. Ozone water may be known as friendly to human and environment sterilization functional water. But at same time it is known that the regular ozone water has an astaticism that ozone gas does not stay long enough and ozone gas is chemically unstable and becomes (2O3→3O2) oxygen. In the water, it decomposes in several minutes. Regular ozone water cannot continue its excellent effect. We OPT CREATION, INC. succeeded in the development of the first time "Durable Ozone Water" in the world (we named NAnO3). Our "Durable Ozone Water" doesn't form dangerous or toxic elements (organochlorine compound) like the sodium hypochlorite and there is no persistency. It is human and environmentally friendly sterilization functional water and its feature, effect, can look forward to a wide range of utilization in many industrial fields. We presented at 113th Annual Session of American Association of Orthodontists because Dental and Orthodontists industry are interested to use our Durable Ozone water since our experiments for sterilization of virus and bactericidal effect succeeded killing not only coliform but periodontal disease as well. Also keeping in right condition our "Durable Ozone Water" does not loose the sterilization power for more than 7months (our test shows). At our presentation, we received many feedbacks and suggestions from doctors from all around the world and they told us that our innovation could contribute to dental industry. We have been invited to make another presentation at World Implant Orthodontic Conference in November at Phuket.


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