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Quantum Materials Ships Samples of Tetrapod Quantum Dots to Major Asian Electronics Manufacturer

Quantum Materials Corporation announced today it has shipped Tetrapod Quantum Dots in sample quantities to a diversified leading Asian-based electronics manufacturer. Quantum Materials recently developed tetrapod quantum dots to meet the client’s performance specifications.

Quantum Materials Corp CdSe Tetrapod Quantum Dots. Left: Luminescent Vials show color varies with QD size. Right: Tetrapod Quantum Dots by Electron Microscope. (PRNewsFoto/Quantum Materials Corporation)

Tetrapod Quantum Dots are an advanced nanoscale material that improves the performance and energy efficiency of very high-resolution computer, TV and smartphone displays. Quantum Materials’ patent-pending continuous-flow technology produces uniform, narrow bandwidth tetrapod quantum dots with bright emission, less aggregation, purer colors (including high-luminous red) and precise color rendition.

Manufacturers are seeking to “print” tetrapod quantum dots onto backplane films in liquid crystal displays (LCD) for brighter images, larger screens and a wider gamut of colors to deliver a new visual experience in image technology. Thinner, lighter, brighter and less expensive QD-LED displays, including portable and flexible devices, will offer almost infinite contrast levels, deep black levels and high light output with no motion blur or field-of-view issues.


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