Another Important Patent Granted for Directa Plus Concerning the Production Process of a Graphene G+ Ink

It will have applications in many fields: energy, smart textiles, flexible electronics, multifunctional plastics, lithium ion batteries and flame retardant applications.

The technological company based in Lomazzo (Como), which is one of the main manufacturers of graphene-based nanomaterials in the world, has recently obtained the approval of the patent for the industrial invention in Italy, with the forthcoming global extension, on the production of high-concentration Graphene G+ dispersions.

The characteristics of the nanomaterials produced by Directa Plus (GNPs) include unique purity and morphology, in terms of lateral dimensions and thickness obtained thanks to the meticulous production process developed in the Officine del Grafene.

These particular characteristics of the different grades of Graphene G+, including the high-concentration ink of the recent patent, are fundamental for the results obtained in real applications.

The possible applications of the patented material are energy, smart textiles, flexible electronics, multifunctional plastics, lithium ion batteries and flame retardant application.

Directa Plus, today holding 36 patents and 7 pending approvals, has adopted an aggressive strategy to protect the intellectual property of the technologies developed.

"This patent" explains Giulio Cesareo, founder and CEO of Directa Plus, "is identified with the new direction recently taken by Directa Plus, which aims to position itself downstream in the value chain creating ready-to-use materials and designing innovative alliances with important industrial companies that want to apply this new generation of enabling materials to their product lines, transforming them from traditional to highly technological"

About Directa Plus

Directa Plus, founded in 2005 and with headquarters in the ComoNext Scientific Technology Park in Lomazzo (CO), is a technology company whose goal is to develop market and use innovative processes for nanomaterial generation in existent global markets.

On June 23rd, 2014, Directa Plus inaugurated its "Graphene Factory" a new industrial centre distinguished for being one of the largest pristine graphene nanoplatelets generation plant in Europe, based on a patented and approved technology, designed according to a modular, replicable and exportable logic. The first module has 30-tonne per year production capacity. To date, Directa Plus holds 36 approved patents and 7 patents pending.

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