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New NanoXplore Dry Process Could Revolutionize Graphene Manufacturing

NanoXplore Inc., a prominent graphene company, achieved graphite exfoliation with the successful development of a new dry graphene manufacturing process.

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This dry process revolves around cutting-edge exfoliation technology utilizing innovative media, allowing for high-yield exfoliation without introducing any impurities.

The successful advancement in graphene production stems from integrating NanoXplore's robust intellectual property portfolio and the strategic acquisition of patents from XG Sciences.

This amalgamation leverages eight distinct patents across Australia, Canada, the United States, Taiwan, China, and South Korea, combined with NanoXplore's expertise. This synergy results in a graphene product that combines superior performance with cost-effectiveness.

The research and development for this process commenced a decade ago and has seen a cumulative investment of nearly $40 million from both NanoXplore and XG Sciences to date.

NanoXplore’s new dry graphene production process has many advantages compared to the traditional liquid exfoliation methods. The dry production process provides a nearly 50% reduction against the liquid exfoliation process concerning capital expenditures.

A net 8000 metric tons capacity needs $20 M in capital expenditures, with a quarter of the current square footage required in different liquid exfoliation processes based on the company’s current estimation.

NanoXplore guarantees a robust supply chain for the main equipment with protected key suppliers. Procurement of equipment is facilitated through the use of readily available, off-the-shelf solutions, leading to an estimated lead time of 8-12 months. The organization has a proposal for purchasing the equipment during the 2024 calendar year.

NanoXplore's innovative dry graphene manufacturing process has the potential to place the Corporation on par with traditional carbon additives like carbon black in terms of cost. This cost reduction is primarily achieved by utilizing low-grade waste graphite obtained from the graphite anode production process as the feedstock.

Moreover, the process is highly scalable and operates continuously, enhancing production efficiency. The superior processability and sustained performance of graphene produced through this dry method present investors with a more compelling proposition.

This advancement is expected to broaden the Corporation's total market scope and expedite the commercial integration of graphene.

The secured granted patents for this proprietary technology elevate key physical properties in polymers by a substantial 20% compared to current products, specifically targeting applications demanding over 20 years of longevity.

Its potential spans across industries, particularly in batteries and lightweight composites, making it highly attractive for leading-edge sectors. Moreover, this innovative manufacturing process broadens the scope of applications, extending to various sectors such as plastic pipes, geosynthetics, recycled plastics, concrete, drilling fluids, insulation foams, and beyond.

The environmental footprint associated with traditional graphite exfoliation methods is considerably reduced by the novel dry manufacturing process, thus marking a paradigm shift. This process addresses eco-friendly concerns related to water usage by eradicating expensive washing and drying steps that have an environmental impact.

Our team’s dedication to innovation and sustainability has led to this remarkable achievement. The dry manufacturing process not only underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship but also reinforces NanoXplore’s position as the leader in cost-effective, high-performance graphene solutions. This technological advancement reinforces NanoXplore’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in field of carbon technology and reaffirms its role as an industry pioneer.

Soroush Nazarpour, CEO, NanoXplore


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