Oxford Instruments Become Distributor for High Pressure Cells

easyLab Technologies Ltd (easyLab) and Oxford Instruments NanoScience proudly announce that they have signed a distribution agreement by which Oxford Instruments will now distribute products from the easyLab range of high pressure cells. These high pressure modules are compatible with the Oxford Instruments extensive range of low temperature and high magnetic field measurement environments.

The joint efforts of the two companies mean that the customer can now obtain from a single source a system enabling a tri-dimensional environment composed of temperature, magnetic field and now high pressure. It is particularly good news for the research community working in the field of solid state physics who will now be able to carry out research under high pressure whilst combining the unrivaled offer of Oxford Instruments’ wide range of cryogenic systems and superconducting magnets.

The first of the kind is the distribution of easyLab’s easyCell 30 enabling AC transport measurements to pressure up to 25 kbar and which can be used on the following types of low temperature sample environment: VTI (4He variable temperature insert), Heliox® (3He ultra low temperature insert) or Kelvinox® (dilution refrigerator ultra low temperature insert). These low temperature inserts can be combined with a broad range of superconducting magnets to suit specific applications. In the near future, more high pressure cell systems will become available for the spectroscopy range of optical cryostat systems, enabling FTIR, Raman, Fluorescence measurements under high pressure and at low temperatures.

Dr Neil Killoran, Marketing Manager of Oxford Instruments NanoScience, said: ‘We are delighted to be able to offer our customers a high level of systems integration for high pressure measurement at low temperatures through this distribution agreement. easyLab have achieved strong market leadership in high pressure cell technology and we look forward to working with them to deliver this capability to our customers.’

Dr Christophe Thessieu, Director of easyLab said: ‘Pressure is an experimental variable whose time has come. This agreement now means that researchers can obtain commercially a system enabling the exploration of new material properties in a large field of low temperature (down to mK), high magnetic field (up to 22T) and high pressure (up to 25 kbar). What an exciting playing field!’

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