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ISO Committee Developing New ISO 14644 for Nanotechnology

A new nanotechnology Working Group (WG), formed in September by ISO Technical Committee 209 (ISO/TC 209) Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, will begin work in 2009 on developing standards for the nanoscale.

This pioneering WG is convened by the United States under the auspices of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), with IEST experts Anne Marie Dixon, Cleanroom Management Associates, Inc., and David Ensor, Research Triangle Institute Center for Aerosol Technology, as co-convenors. The preliminary scope for WG 10: Nanotechnology would specify the minimum requirements for design, operations, monitoring, and testing of nanotechnology facilities as they differ from those described in ISO 14644-4 (Design, construction and start-up) and 14644-5 (Operations).

The WG is authorized to write a series of standards, if needed. Groups of drafting experts will be assigned to specific documents or sections of documents.

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