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Sputtering is a method of depositing thin materials on a variety of substrates. Using radio frequency (RF) power to drive the deposition, both metals and dielectric materials can be grown.
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The TriAxis electron beam evaporation system includes a 304 stainless steel cylindrical chamber with a typical size range 18 or 24 inch diameter and is scaled to match the specific application.
The Triaxis sputtering system is manufactured by engineering talents at Semicore, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer.
The Quorum Q300TD is a free-standing, fully automatic sputter coater ideal for thin film applications and for conductive coating of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimens.
The SC 1500 inline sputtering system offers an economic, modular and scalable design to meet the requirements of high-volume or pilot production.
Semicore’s TriAxis systems utilize a cost-effective “open platform” design that is easily configured to suit a variety of thin film deposition applications, typically for R&D or small batch production. The TriAxis offers unequaled versatility by being the first to offer all three axes of sputter deposition arrangements (up, down or horizontal) in a single platform. A comprehensive list of standard options is available to configure the TriAxis to suit your specific requirements.
The SC7620 from Quorum Technologies is an economic, compact sputter coater for SEM samples. In combination with the optional carbon attachment SC7620-CF, it makes an ideal low-cost SEM sputtering and carbon coating system package.
The Q300TT is a turbomolecular-pumped, large chamber coating system is suited ideally for sputtering a single large diameter specimen up to 8"/200mm such as a wafer or multiple smaller specimens over a similar diameter.
The SC3500 evaporation system from Semicore is made of stainless steel and is a water cooled process chamber with swing open front access door
The AJA International, Inc. ATC Series Thin Film Deposition Systems are versatile coating tools that can be built in a wide variety of configurations to satisfy almost any requirement. These systems are built around AJA's unique A300-XP (UHV) or Stiletto Series (HV) magnetron sputtering sources which feature in-situ source head tilting allowing precise and repeatable con-focal, direct, and off-axis deposition.
Semicore, creators and manufacturers of precision thin film vacuum deposition systems and products have in their portfolio the SC250 & SC450 sputtering system which offer high quality, advanced features and is also cost-effective.
The Q150T is a compact turbomolecular-pumped coating system suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin film applications. It is suited to producing metal or carbon coatings.
The L400 UHV magnetron sputtering system is designed for sequential sputtering with movable magnetrons. Conventional sequential sputtering systems with rotating planetary substrate stage provide limited substrate manipulation facilities. In the L400 design the substrate stage is stationary and the magnetrons are moved in sequence of the deposited multilayer. This allows the use of substrate masking with movable shutters, RF and DC substrate bias, wedge deposition and azimuthal substrate rotation - features not available in any other sputtering system.
Agar Scientific offers a series of compact vacuum coating systems that provide a wide range of options to suit all sputter coating requirements needed in TEM and SEM applications. Built to high specification, these bench-top coating systems integrate microprocessor technology.