Applied NanoWorks Forms Agreement with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - News Item

Applied NanoWorks, Inc. today announced the successful completion of exclusive global licensing rights to two patent-pending nanotechnologies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), located in Troy, NY. The licensed technologies enable the high volume fabrication of agglomerate free semiconductor, metal and oxide nanocrystals ranging in size from 2nm to 100nm.

"These licenses allow us to bring 64 high quality, highly tunable semiconductor, metal and oxide nanomaterials to market," said Eric Burnett, President & CEO of Applied NanoWorks. "The materials covered under the agreement are ideal for a variety of high performance applications in markets such as semiconductors; cosmetics; performance papers; composite materials and luminescence applications in bio and medical markets. This highly scalable technology will bring a new generation of nanomaterial capabilities that deliver high levels of engineering control in a mass produced performance material."

Eric Burnett, a technology entrepreneur and Partha Dutta, Ph.D. an Associate Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and developer of the patent pending technologies, founded Applied NanoWorks in February, 2003. Partha Dutta is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Young Career Award and Eric Burnett previously guided technology start-ups Strategic Power Systems and IA Systems.

"We are very excited about licensing these technologies to Applied NanoWorks.", explained Charles Rancourt, Director of the RPI's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC). "The OTC's mission is to successfully link industry with Rensselaer's inventory of intellectual property and resources. We are confident that the breadth and value potential of this technology will become a benchmark for other commercialization projects at Rensselaer."

"These technologies enable an environmentally safe and mass producible process to deliver nanocrystals ranging in size from 2nm to 100nm," said Partha Dutta, Chief Technology Officer. He also noted that the crystals are agglomerate free, water soluble, delivered in a colloid rather than in a powder and are highly tunable in size and surface characteristics. "Industry no longer has to worry about how to disperse or suspend their nanomaterials for manufacturing; they can now focus on the right material for the job."

Applied NanoWorks provides high quality nanomaterials and analytical services to meet both industrial research and manufacturing needs. Its' proprietary technology offers high quality semiconductor, metal and oxide nanomaterials ranging from 2nm to 100nm and are available in volumes ranging from Research Kits to high volume purchasing and production agreements.

Posted 2nd December 2003

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