ITRI Selects Innovative Nano Patterning Stepper 200 from SUSS MicroTec - New Product

SUSS MicroTec has announced that ITRI, a leading research organization located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, has chosen the new SUSS NPS 200 to handle successfully Cold and Hot embossing applications at wafer level. The scope of ITRI Nanotechnology covers aspects in electronics, data storage, packaging, energy, display, photonics, biotechnology, platform technology, application in traditional industries, and facilities built-up.

Chosen for its highly flexible configuration, the NPS 200 is available either as a manually loaded machine or as a fully automated system with wafer loading capability. Optimized for cost-effective production of devices of micro or nanometer scale features, the SUSS NPS 200 achieves a post-printing accuracy better than 1 um. When equipped with the automatic alignment option, the NPS 200 is capable of performing submicron alignment of the substrate or wafer with respect to the stamp.

"This installation represents a noteworthy milestone with this strategic customer and a significant victory for SUSS resulting after vigorous head to head competitive comparisons", comments Franz Richter, president and CEO of SUSS MicoTec. "Reliable and cost efficient wafer bonding technology is critical to support the growing demand for nanotechnology, 3D- packaging and MEMS. As a leading equipment manufacturer for imprint and embossing techniques SUSS will continue delivering state of the art enabling machinery for these applications."

"The NPS 200 offers various imprinting techniques", explains Gilbert Lecarpentier, the strategic product manager. "Step & Stamp Imprinting for Hot Embossing is an innovative method that has been demonstrated by VTT Microelectronic Centre in Finland with a FC150 Device Bonder. This imprint lithography method consists of controlling heat and pressure. From this fruitful partnership between SUSS and VTT Microelectronic Center has been developed the NPS 200. This new tool is ideal to perform all process steps required for different imprint lithography technologies. Using in-situ material dispense and UV curing, the Step & Cure Imprinting method can also be achieved with the NPS for Cold Embossing applications."

Using stamps or templates rather than optical lithography, the NPS 200 creates the tiniest patterns required for devices aiming at the optoelectronics and biotech markets such as optical grating couplers and membrane chips for filtration of bacteria or cells in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and food industries, etc.

Besides this Nano Patterning Stepper, SUSS additionally offers Mask Aligners for Cold Embossing, a technique were an imprint resist is cured with UV light and Substrate Bonders for Hot Embossing using temperature and pressure as curing parameters.

Posted 13th January 2004

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