New Book "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars" Published By Prentice Hall

"Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars" has just been published by Prentice Hall PTR. It is well-organized, straightforward guide to the science of nanotechnology and its applications with details of implications for our US national security. The book is a collaboration between renowned nanotech pioneer Mark Ratner, and high tech entrepreneur Daniel Ratner.

Rather than being a simple resource guide, the book examines a new way of thinking about energy, security, weaponry and defence. Areas covered include:

  • Nanotechnology - What and Why? Materials, sensors, biomedical nanostructures, electronics, energy, optics and fabrication
  • The New Battlespace - weapons of mass destruction, challenges and solutions, protecting soldiers in battle and afterwards
  • Homeland Security --the state of the nation, the information war, hardening infrastructure
  • Environmental and Economic Aspects - domestic and global impacts and implications
  • Society, Ethics and Geopolitics - intellectual property, privacy and liberties

Posted 4th November 2003

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