Louise Saul

Louise Saul

Feature Writer

B.Sc. in Biochemistry, M.Sc. by Research

Louise pursued her passion for science by studying for a BSc (Hons) Biochemistry degree at Sheffield Hallam University, where she gained a first class degree. As part of her degree, Louise did a placement year at Sanofi Aventis and worked in the Bioanalysis department. It was at Sanofi that Louise discovered a love for mass spectrometry and working in the laboratory.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Louise moved to Scotland to undertake her postgraduate MSc by Research degree. The focus of Louise’s research investigated the cause of Type 2 Diabetes by researching how cyclin dependant kinase 5 targeted PPAR gamma. She looked into not only CDK5 and PPAR gamma, but also how the rest of the CMCG kinase family interacted with PPAR gamma.

After completing her postgraduate degree, Louise has worked in both the pharmaceutical industry and academia. She followed her passion for mass spectrometry by working in both a bioanalysis department, as well as being the mass spectrometry technician for the University of Edinburgh.

Louise first started out by writing about video games and comics, before moving into science writing. As well as writing features and news, Louise has travelled internationally to cover events and carry out interviews. After working for a couple of companies, Louise decided to pursue her passion of freelance writing, which is when she joined the AZo team.

Louise’s expert areas are not only in biochemistry, but also Analytical Chemistry. She has a passion for writing about all things spectrometry and spectroscopy related, as well as writing about the latest breaking science news.

Outside of work, Louise trains in Shodokan Aikido and competes as part of the British team. She has travelled all over the world competing for Great Britain and has successfully medalled at both European and World Championship competitions.

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