Hysitron ATI 8800 – High-Throughput, Quantitative Nanomechanical and Interfacial Adhesion Characterization

Bruker’s fully automated Hysitron ATI 8800 nanomechanical metrology equipment enables companies to efficiently monitor mechanical reliability of their products by rapidly identifying unexpected process changes though quantifiable variations in the measured mechanical properties and/or interfacial adhesion values.

The ability to use automated nanomechanical testing measurements to rapidly identify process variations has been proven extremely important for improving yields, increasing product reliability, validating new processes, decreasing time to market, and minimizing operating costs.

Bruker’s automated nanomechanical test equipment is based upon our patented and proven capacitive transducer and Performech advanced control technology, providing the highest degree of data accuracy, precision, stability, and reliability that our nanomechanical metrology tools are renowned for.

Combined with wafer handling robotics, fab communication software, a cleanroom compatible design, and fully automated testing and calibration routines, the Hysitron ATI 8800 enables continuous, rapid monitoring and tight control of mechanical reliability of each device layer in high-volume production environments.


  • Fully automated nanomechanical metrology enables rapid identification of unexpected process changes through quantifiable variations in the measured mechanical properties and/or interfacial adhesion values
  • Overhead Transport Vehicle (OHT) compatible Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) with dual BOLTS compatible load port modules and FOUP openers enables inline automation capabilities
  • Cleanroom compatible enclosure with pneumatic wafer door, safety interlocks, and integrated anti-vibration system
  • High precision X-Y-Z-Θ translation staging enables reliable testing of any region on a 300 mm wafer
  • TriboScan Professional operating software for fully automated test execution, data analysis, and reporting
  • SECS/GEM/EFEM/Tool/Host Communications for true inline process monitoring
  • Fully automated probe change, system calibration functions, and system diagnostics for maximum uptime and data reliability

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