Dimension Edge Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Bruker

The Dimension® Edge™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) System offers access to the highest performance, accessibility and functionality in its class, by incorporating Bruker's PeakForce Tapping® technology.

It leverages the many innovations of the Dimension® Icon® System, and is designed to deliver the low drift and low noise necessary to achieve publication-ready data in minutes instead of hours, you won’t find a more powerful mid-priced AFM anywhere else.


Features of the Dimension Edge AFM from Bruker are outlined below.

Best Value Closed-Loop Dimension AFM

  • Proprietary sensor design achieves closed-loop accuracy with open-loop noise levels
  • Reduced noise and drift bring small-sample imaging performance to large-sample AFM
  • Microscope and electronics design enable high image fidelity at moderate cost

Accurate, High-Resolution Results Even Faster

  • Linear workflow with visual feedback ensure optimized setup in shortest time
  • Camera and stage provide best sample navigation and multi-site measurements
  • Seamless transitions from survey to highest resolution deliver fast, accurate results

Solutions for All Applications on Any Sample

  • Open stage access accommodates wide variety of experiments and samples
  • Optimized AFM modes and techniques meet needs of even advanced applications
  • Built-in access to signal routing enables custom measurements

Advanced Nanoscale Capabilities For Beginners and Experts

  • Innovative, modular system design provides high performance at moderate cost
  • Experiment-selection modes distill decades of AFM expertise into preconfigured settings
  • Integrated stage control enables intuitive navigation and powerful stage programming

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