SE-1000 - Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Thin Film Characterization

Semilab’s SE-1000 spectroscopic ellipsometer offers high measurement performance and provides modularity in a compact tabletop footprint.

The SE-1000 is an economical tool that is fitted with a manual goniometer and allows manual sample positioning, both of which are suitable for research and development labs.

The SE-1000 performs non-destructive and non-contact optical measurements on substrates, as well as both single-layer and multi-layer samples, to determine the optical and thickness properties of individual thin films.

Powered by Semilab’s state-of-the-art smart electronics with exchangeable components, the SE-1000 tool operated with the most advanced operating and analysis software (SAM/SEA). Users can control the system from a PC or laptop through a new touch panel interface, or via LAN network.

Measurement Modes

  • Jones matrix
  • Polarimetry
  • Generalized ellipsometry for anisotropic samples
  • In situ measurement mode for real-time control during deposition or etch process
  • Mueller matrix 11 coefficients
  • Porosimetry: Porosity and pore size distribution measurement in thin films
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry with rotating compensator


  • Near-infrared spectral extension
  • Visualization camera
  • Atmospheric thin-film porosimetry
  • Liquid cell, heating, and cooling stages
  • Spectroscopic reflectometer
  • Microspot

Manual XY stage. SE-1000

Manual XY stage.

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