Spectroscopic Ellipsometer - SE-2000

Semilab’s SE-2000 is an exclusive modular optical platform provided with a spectroscopic ellipsometer equipped with rotating compensator optics. The instrument carries out non-contact and non-destructive optical measurements on substrates, as well as single-layer and multi-layer samples, to determine optical properties and individual thin film thickness.

Key Features

Listed below are the main features of the SE-2000:

  • The SE-2000 system has a flexible, sturdy, and modular design, enabling the analysis of samples with simple single-layer thickness to more complicated applications like those that combine scatterometry, ellipsometry, and polarimetry by using the Mueller matrix.
  • The SE-2000 provides a broad spectral range extending from the Deep-UV (193 nm) up to the Mid-IR (25 µm), together with an optional FTIR ellipsometer head fitted exclusively on the same goniometer with the visible arms.
  • The system offers novel individual arm angle selection and a small spot size.
  • The system can be configured either with the high-resolution mode using a spectrometer and single point detectors, with fast detection mode using spectrograph and detector array, or with both modes combined in a single tool.
  • The SE-2000 system is equipped with the new smart electronics from Semilab that includes exchangeable components, and works based on the new generation operating and analysis software (SAM/SEA).
  • The system can be controlled by a new touch panel interface or by a Laptop or PC through LAN network.

Measurement Modes

Measurement modes of the SE-2000 system include the following:

  • Generalized ellipsometry for anisotropic materials
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry provided for optical functions and thin film thickness, which includes complex multilayer structures
  • Transmission ellipsometry provided for transparent substrates
  • Mueller Matrix (11 or 16 elements) exclusively provided in combination with scatterometry for 3D anisotropic materials
  • Scatterometry versus angle of incidence and wavelength
  • Jones Matrix provided for simple anisotropic materials
  • Polarimetry
  • Transmittance and reflectance versus incidence angle and wavelength
  • Porosimetry — measurements of porosity and pore size in thin films
  • In-situ measurement mode for real-time control during etch or deposition process


The applications of SE-2000 are listed below:

  • General: Ferroelectric materials (PZT, BST, and SBT), SOFC, fuel cells, porous electrode, periodic structures, graphene, 3D materials
  • Photonics: LED, ARC, reflective coatings, MEMS and porous sol-gel/coatings, III-V devices (ECL, EEL, and VCSEL), optronics: InP, AlGaN, GaN, etc.
  • Organics: OPV, OLED, OTFT, sensors
  • Flat-panel displays: IGZO, LTPS, TFT-LCD, electrochromic layers, OLED
  • Semiconductors: Nitride oxide, low-k, high-k, lithography thin films, gate oxide, interconnects, epi-layers: SOI, Strained Si, SiGe, Poly, SiC
  • Photovoltaics: Transparent conductive oxide, thin films and silicon solar cell, CNT, nanostructured cells, nanowire, nanodots

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