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The Mini HandExtruder-1 mL for Liposome Extrusion

The Genizer HandExtruder is a low-cost micro liposome extrusion tool. Two gas-tight syringes, an extrusion body and a stabilizing block are included.

It facilitates liposome preparation with hands-on operation. The user can gradually push the plunger of the filled syringe to drive the sample through the filter membrane within the extruder body, and then gently push the plunger to return the sample to the original syringe. To get a sample with uniform liposome sizes, the user can repeat these two steps five to ten times.

Genizer HandExtruder, 1 mL.

Genizer HandExtruder, 1 mL. Image Credit: Genizer LLC

Liposome with double layer of phospholipid molecules. Image credits: Genizer LLC

For pharmaceutical applications, the extrusion body of the Genizer HandExtruder is made of 316 L stainless steel. The 316 L stainless steel enhances the service life and safeguards the extrusion body from damage in comparison to plastic counterparts from other brands.

Genizer Mini Extrusion Body, 316L S/S.

Genizer Mini Extrusion Body, 316L S/S. Image Credit: Genizer LLC


  • Catalog No: HandExtruder — 1 mL; HandExtruder — 2.5 mL
  • Filter diameter: 19 mm
  • Mini sample size: 0.25 mL
  • Spares: O-ring pack
  • Cooling: jacketed thermo barrel on the extrusion body
  • Feed and Collection: Gas-tight syringe, Hamilton

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