3D Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - InSight from Bruker

For unparalleled accuracy and precision – the kind needed for non-destructive, high-resolution 3D measurements of critical 45nm and 32nm semiconductor features -- the InSight™ 3D Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Bruker is the clear choice.

InSight 3DAFM provides the accuracy needed to improve process control through critical dimension (CD) and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology.

Plus, InSight 3DAFM gives you three times the throughput and twice the measurement accuracy and precision versus previous AFMs.


Features of the Bruker Insight 3D AFM include:

  • Provides reference metrology for crucial CD elements like gate, shallow trench isolation (STI) union dual-damascene structures, sidewall angles, line-edge variation and more.
  • Provides the lowest measurement uncertainty for critical dimension (CD) and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology
  • 30 wph, 9 sites throughput for Depth metrology & 12 wph, 9 sites throughput for CD metrology Unique, non-destructive, 3D Metrology (LER, LWR, SWA)
  • Production level reliability and state-of-the-art automation for inline productivity

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