Dr Larry Jordan

Program Manager Nanostructured Materials

Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd

Lvl 2, Bldg 75, Wellington Rd
PH: 61 (3) 99058719
Fax: 61 (3) 9905 8501
Email: [email protected]


Dr Larry Jordan joined NanoVic in July 2004 as Program Manager Nanostructured Materials; one of the key growth areas for NanoVic. In the last 12 months he has established himself as one of the leading industrial nanotechnologists in Victoria.


The role of Program Manager Nanostructured Materials is responsible for development of a range of high performance nanotechnology-based materials. This portfolio includes composite materials, surface coatings, membranes, particles and fluids.

Larry’s main activities have been developing and delivering demonstration projects to show the effectiveness and benefits of nanotechnology solutions to specific industry problems and commercial opportunities. These demonstration projects are generally 4-8 weeks in duration and provide the critical interface between research providers and Victorian industry. The successful of several of these demonstration projects has meant Larry is now working on extending these into medium-term commercialization projects.


Larry has played a pivotal role in exploring the incorporation of carbon nanotubes into a variety of materials over the last year. He has established for Nanotechnology Victoria an industry-leading capability in this field, and will be co-author of a patent under preparation. He has also contributed to innovative design of a set of revolutionary ballistic protection materials, likely to be introduced by defence suppliers. Finally, he is a participant in leading-edge projects with corrosion inhibitors and purification agents.

Major Qualifications

Larry holds degrees (BSc and MSc (Hons)) in Chemistry from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a PhD in Chemistry from Basel University, Switzerland on the development of polymer composite chemical sensors. Recent research experience includes the characterisation of corrosion and wear resistant coatings for engineering surfaces and the development of novel materials for use in polymer electrolyte fuel cells. Larry has additional experience at the interface between research and industry gained at the Building Research Association of New Zealand and at CSIRO.

Major Publications

Larry has also contributed to nanotechnology awareness and literature. He co-authored a paper “Nanotechnology in Australia: A National Strategy”, which appeared in the FACETS journal of the International Union of Materials Research Societies in October 2004. He has given nanotechnology lectures on request at local schools. He has authored 13 journal publications.

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