Dr Ravi Krishnamurthy

Manager, Nanoparticle Technologies


Lvl 2, Building 75
Monash University, Clayton
PH: 61 (3) 99058618
Fax: 61 (3) 9905 8501
Email: [email protected]


Dr Ravi Krishnamurthy joined Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd (“NanoVic”) in January 2005 on secondment from Monash University, where he was a Logan Research Fellow. In June 2005 he was recruited to NanoVic, and appointed as Manager, Nanoparticle Technologies, reporting to the CEO. Ravi has also been offered and has accepted a position as an Honourary Fellow of the Monash University Department of Materials Engineering.

Dr Krishnamurthy is one of Australia’s leading practitioners in the science and use of nanoparticles. He brings to NanoVic specialist expertise and experience in nanotechnology, metallurgy and materials research and development. Ravi has an impressive academic and industrial record:

  • Academic : he was jointly awarded a Materials Engineering Prize for best Post-Graduate Research in a Victorian University (2002) by the Borland Forum, and received Scholarships and Fellowships from Monash University, the Government of Japan, and the Indian Institute of Science. Most recently, a publication in J. Phys. D co-authored by Ravi on the decomposition of amorphous alloys was selected to highlight the best science published by the Institute of Physics, London.). Ravi has authored or co-authored 43 published articles to date. He was successful in getting a number of research grants while at Monash University.
  • Industrial : While at the University of Western Australia (UWA) through 1997-98, Ravi’s work on the synthesis of BaTiO 3 by mechanochemical processing and scaling production up to kilograms of yield was instrumental in formation of Australia’s first nanotechnology company (Advanced Powder Technologies, now listed as Advanced Nano Technologies). Ravi pioneered techniques involving milling with three reactants. In his work in Japan (1994-97), Ravi was a leader in the development of nanocomposite magnets. His western Australian work (for Cancer Research Institute) also included a significant project on the development of nanomaterials for cancer therapy.

At NanoVic in 2005, Ravi has contributed to and directed a number of significant projects aimed at the needs of local industries and partner institutions of NanoVic. These have involved the incorporation of nanoparticles and nanotubes in various polymers or aqueous media used by local companies. Ravi’s efforts working with a local consumer products firm have most recently seen the submission of a patent application.

Through June 2005, Ravi has led an effort to develop production and research facilities for the production of nanotubes in Victoria. He has built a business case for investment, which is currently being progressed by a committed consortium (including NanoVic).

Ravi works closely with the partner institutions of NanoVic (RMIT, Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, and the CSIRO), on developing a portfolio of nanotechnology oriented projects with potential for commercialisation. This activity is aimed at ensuring smoother technology transfer, as well as generation of qualified personnel to pursue nanotechnology and to foster closer working relationship between academic institutions and industry.

Major Qualifications

Ravi has a B.Sc (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – First Class) and M.Sc (Physics – First Class) with major in Solid State Physics from the Bangalore University, India and a M.Sc ( Eng.) and Ph.D in Metallurgy from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. His resume covers work on a range of synthesis and materials characterization projects at the Indian Institute of Science, India; Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan; The University of Western Australia and Monash University, Australia.

As the Logan Research Fellow at Monash University, Ravi’s recent work included microstructural design of light alloys, precipitation in aluminium alloys, nanocomposite magnesium alloys, nanocomposite magnets and soft magnetic materials, as well as teaching and supervision responsibilities. He has also initiated an international collaborative program on light alloys with the National University of Singapore, Singapore; University of Marseille III, France and University of Southampton, UK.

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