X-Max Maximising Performance of TEM

Oxford Instruments' revolutionary X-Max large area Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is now available for the analytical TEM. The ability to handle high count rates in a liquid nitrogen free environment, combined with INCAEnergy TEM software, ensures X-Max will maximise the performance of a TEM.

  • 80mm2 sensor guarantees high counts giving excellent analytical performance down to and including Be. This sensitivity offers potential for analysis of nano-particles and other nano-features.
  • In contrast to Si(Li) detectors, excellent resolution is maintained at high count rates over 100,000cps. These faster acquisition rates allow mapping and linescans in thicker samples where high counts would normally cause the Si(Li) detector to retract or the shutter to close. There is no need to turn down the beam current. High quality X-ray maps and linescans can be collected much more rapidly.
  • Max is peltier cooled and requires no liquid nitrogen which allows the detector to cool down in seconds and therefore it is always ready for analysis. It has no moving parts or boiling LN2 to cause vibration and a motorised slide is used to remove the detector from high electron flux in low mag mode.

X-Max TEM is safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. The geometry has been optimised to suit most TEMs.

”X-Max 80mm2 detectors have revolutionised EDS analysis on the nano-scale in the SEM,” commented Neil Rowlands Global EDS Product Manager at Oxford Instruments, “Our results using the X-Max TEM detector have shown that we can achieve similar significant improvement in performance for the TEM.”


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