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Nanotechnology Company to Provide Response And Safety Products To Aid In Haiti Relief Efforts

The catastrophic devastation in Haiti has resulted in the largest humanitarian and relief effort since the gulf region hurricanes of 2005. In response to the needs of the victims and officials in Haiti, NanoScale Corporation has pledged specialty response products to aid in the relief efforts.

Deborah L. Basco, NanoScale’s Vice President, International Distribution, has been actively working with the National Funeral Directors Association (USA), The Gosder Cherilus Foundation, Inc., and Pax-Villa USA Funeral Homes, Inc. to ensure the donation will be best utilized in the region. “The wide spread destruction caused by the earthquake is making the recovery and cleanup efforts difficult and dangerous,” stated Ms. Basco. “We are extremely appreciative and grateful to those that have organized this effort. It is truly a ‘grass-roots operation’ that will ensure that our products reach the areas that need it most and we are confident that it will provide an immediate benefit.”

NanoScale’s products and expertise in chemical and biological decontamination will provide protection and odor control to those most affected. NanoScale has donated NanoZorb®, a portable decomposition decontamination system based on products originally developed for U.S. military decontamination applications, to selected groups to aid their recovery efforts.

“There are life-threatening environmental and health problems associated with death and destruction of this magnitude. As bodies begin to decompose they produce horrific odors and can put the survivors at risk with possible cross-contamination. Our State-of-the-Art technology and death-care products were specifically designed to remediate problems associated with small or large scale disasters, including body decomposition. We have a moral obligation to help those in need,” stated Ms. Basco.

NanoScale Corporation develops and provides high performance advanced chemistry materials and related services to Customers worldwide. The Company holds a substantial intellectual property portfolio which includes its patented NanoActive®, FAST-ACT®, ChemKlenz®, OdorKlenz®, and SpillKlenz™ product lines and systems. NanoScale produces and sells a wide variety of NanoActive brand nanocrystalline materials in forms that include dry powders, granules, and liquid suspensions. FAST-ACT, ChemKlenz, and OdorKlenz Systems are sold for the prevention, containment, elimination, and remediation of toxic and noxious chemicals, odors, and biological releases. The Company’s Analytical Services Program offers a wide range of laboratory testing services and characterization methods to Customers.

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