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Norweigian Government Grants Funds for Development of Flow Cytometry-Based Biomarker

The Research Council of Norway has granted an amount of 14 million NOK to Clavis Pharma towards the research and development of the equilibrative nucleoside transporter (hENT1) biomarker.

Once inside the cell the lipid tail of the LVT drug is cleaved off and the parent drug is released. With the lack of hENT1 transporter the drug is trapped inside the cell

The company is involved in creating a flow cytometry technique for the detection and quantification of the hENT1 biomarker which is used for patients affected by acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The research is intended to design an analytical technique that would aid in selecting patients suffering from AML, who would derive maximum benefit when treated with the cancer fighting drug, elacytarabine, from Clavis.

The research activity at Clavis on hENT1 flow cytometry is a joint effort by the Clavis scientists and global experts in cancer diagnostics. Olav Hellebo, the CEO at Clavis was appreciative of the grant from the Government and said that it would be of great help in the successful execution of the final phase of the research on hENT1 biomarker. The grant amount was sanctioned through the BIA program. The BIA is known for funding innovative research programs independent of their respective parent industry. The awarded grant amount is expected to cover up to 35% of the total project costs.


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