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HzO Launches WaterBlock Technology Comprising Nano-Scale Chemical Formulation

A Utah-based company for industrial and consumer electronic assemblies, HzO has declared that the company has achieved a considerable capital increase to immediately commence worldwide sales of its patent-pending WaterBlock technology.

“WaterBlock” technology is the trademark for HzO’s coating treatment process. This technology comprises a nano-scale chemical formulation that is used in electronic components and circuitry with the help of an altered vapor deposition method. Application of the WaterBlock technology ensures protection of electronic devices from the damages caused by moisture conditions such as humidity, sweat, and water that quickly damage electronic devices. Besides, this technology shields equipment from other wet agents such as chemical and acidic compounds as well as from small debris and dust, which are the usual causes for the failure of electronic devices.

The company has trade secret and patent-pending technology for treating electronic components and circuitry to shield electronic assemblies and devices from damages caused by moisture. It utilizes proprietary application techniques and chemical formulas for shielding electronic circuitry for several sectors and markets. The company’s preliminary target markets comprise solid state computing systems, consumer emergency response devices, military vehicles and devices, automotive applications, first responder devices, and stationary and mobile consumer electronics and their accessories.

HzO anticipates to launch its WaterBlock technology by marketing the consumer electronics equipment using ZAGG marketing techniques. Already, the company has coated few numbers of military, industrial, and consumer devices for various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) globally; also it anticipates quick integration of the WaterBlock technology in several OEM devices by means of licensing/royalty agreements or contract-based coating services.



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