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Top World Ranking For Angstron Materials For Development Of Graphene Intellectual Property

Two patent analysis reports released this year ranked Angstron Materials and Nanotek Instruments' co-founders Dr. Bor Jang and Dr. Aruna Zhamu among the top five in the world for their development of intellectual property publications for graphene. Gridlogics, a patent analytics solutions specialist that publishes Patent iNSIGHT Pro, looked at how activity around the IP publication trend for graphene has evolved and ranked the key players for the market. Gridlogics' Technology Insight Report ranked Siemens AG with the highest total (89) for graphene-based IP publications followed by Jang with 42 and Zhamu with 39.Filings by Jang and Zhamu covered a range of new technologies including new compositions, processes, and applications of both single-layer and multi-layer graphene, collectively referred to as nano graphene platelets.

The Patent Analysis And Product Survey On Use Of Nanomaterials In Lithium-ion Batteries produced by the Centre for Knowledge Management of Nanoscience and Technology focused on IP publications for nanomaterials in Li-ion batteries.  Out of the top 10 assignees the report ranked Jang and Zhamu fourth behind Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., BASF and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd., with 13 patents covering the development of nanomaterials for Li-ion battery applications. The report also noted Angstron's work to develop hybrid graphene-based high capacity anodes for Li-ion batteries.

Angstron Materials is the world's largest producer of nano graphene platelets.Angstron's single layer graphene has exhibited superior electrical, thermal and mechanical properties when compared to other nanomaterials including carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) and carbon nano-fibers (CNFs).Products targeted include a wide range of consumer electronics including smart phones and other portable electronics, computer peripherals, touchpad's, POS kiosks and industrial controls. The company is also making significant strides in the development of graphene-based energy storage devices, such as supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries.

Angstron Materials offers a variety of graphene materials in sizes ranging from nano to micron in the x, y and z axis. NGPs offer improved material performance and superior mechanical, thermal, barrier and electrical conductivity properties.As a result, Angstron is able to work with companies to functionalize graphene for specific applications that include batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, light weight structural components as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning strike and other functional and structural composite applications. Angstron uses its research and development expertise to partner with customers throughout the commercialization process, reducing time and costs while improving performance.NGPs are surface functionalizable for polymer and common solvent applications and can offer loadings of up to 40 percent weight for a variety of applications.Angstron combines real world technology to create next generation products in the aerospace, automotive, energy, marine, construction, electronics, medical, military and telecommunications markets.

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