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Angstron Materials Announces Appointment of VP for Business Development and Engineering

Angstron Materials Inc., today announced the appointment of Ian Fuller as vice president for business development and engineering. The Bellbrook, Ohio resident was promoted to the position to fast track commercialization of the manufacturer’s graphene products. He also will manage research and development initiatives for original graphene technologies.

Ian Fuller

During his career with Angstron and its sister company Nanotek Instruments Fuller has cultivated critical business and interdisciplinary communication skills to bridge the gap between three key fields of study.

“Scientists concentrate on technology breakthroughs; engineers focus on how to turn these breakthroughs into practical applications; while businessmen just want to know how to use the breakthroughs to gain competitive advantages,” explains Fuller. “Lack of concise understanding and communication between these groups often hinders progress and delays efforts to bring scientific discoveries to consumers.”

Fuller has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from Wright State University and a master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering from Cornell University. He has successfully brought multiple research projects from proof of concept studies to pilot and full-scale production.

About Angstrom Materials

Angstron is the first advanced materials company to offer large quantities of ultra-thin, pristine nano-graphene platelets (NGPs). Angstron currently has  the world’s largest graphene production capacity at approximately 300 metric tons per year. This capacity means that Angstron can fill orders suitable for large scale industrial and commercial applications. This production scale also means that Angstron is significantly reducing production cost barriers with its high performance nano-graphene solutions. A new 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility, based in Dayton, Ohio, allows our company to continue its research and development efforts while providing small to large batch processing and production.

By combining R&D with in-depth engineering, application knowledge and real world experience, Angstron not only has the technology customers need, but the capability to provide total turnkey solutions – from application development and pilot quantities for test articles to scale-up for required production volumes.

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