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Reportlinker Releases Report on Global Carbon Nanotubes Market

Online research website Reportlinker has released a report on the global carbon nanotubes (CNT) market for the period of 2011-2016. The study also covers SWNCTs and MWNCTs, market trends and future outlooks, the latest technologies and applications of the market. Carbon nanotubes are ideal for a wide range of applications due to their high thermal, physical and electrical properties.

They also have the capability to work efficiently under high temperature environments and have great tensile strength. Though the cost of producing carbon nanotubes is high and there can be complications in their integration, CNTs are being presently used in various applications like automotives, defence, construction, electronics, energy and aerospace.

The market for CNTs is expected to grow rapidly since many prominent manufacturers are increasing their production capacities and this in turn reduce the prices and increase the demand for CNTs and will have an indirect effect on all the areas of application. With many research programmes being carried out, the issues regarding integration of CNTs is also likely to be resolved, which will make CNTs the most sought after material in the future. The report has studied multi walled and single walled CNTS in detail and also takes into account all specific applications such as defence, medical, capacitors, polymers, batteries, semiconductors and advanced materials.

The specific applications are further divided into sub segments such as hydrogen storage, fuel cell, solar PV cells, airframe and components, drug delivery, sensors, displays and sporting goods and analysed each market separately. The report also carries out detailed geographic analysis in terms of Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Rest of the World.


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