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QD Vision Recognized for Commercializing Quantum Dot-Based Products

QD Vision, a company developing optical products for solid state lighting and displays using nanotechnology has been felicitated with the 2011 SEMI Award for North America for its efforts in the integration and production processes towards the commercialization of quantum dot technology.

Seth Coe-Sullivan, Moungi Bawendi, Vladimir Bulovic, John Ritter and Jonny Steckel are the members of the award-winning QD Vision team. The five-member team together has over six decades of experience in the quantum dot technology field.

Quantum dots were invented in the early 1980s. The semiconductor nanocrystals illuminate when they are exposed to light or current. They provide pure, bright and tunable colors and consume less power for lighting and displays when compared to OLED and LCD technologies. They are also capable of enhancing the efficiency of photovoltaics. They are anticipated to offer several benefits such as greater wavelength control, higher energy efficiency and lower cost for a broad array of products such as photovoltaics, displays and lamps.

QD Vision was the first firm to market products based on quantum dot technology. These products were incorporated into general illumination lamps launched at LightFair International in the fiscal year 2009. Quantum dot technology can enhance the color quality of LCDs used for displays. Now, quantum dots are used as the emissive component for electroluminescent displays. In 2011, QD Vision showed that the efficiency of quantum dot devices was better than that of LCDs and OLEDs.


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