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New Book on Selective Nanotechnological Applications for Energy Sector

Research and Markets has added a new book in its nanotechnology series, named, ‘Nanotechnology and Energy: Science, Promises and its Limits’.

An innovative technique is important for conservation of energy throughout the world. These new innovations are the need of the hour for the improvement of renewable energy technologies, by which the energy supply and usage can be optimized. New studies show that the nanotechnological methods can be applied for the total value chain of energy industry including source, conversion, distribution, storage and usage of energy.

The book deals about the applications of nanotechnology in energy industry and analyses the effectiveness of selective nanotechnological applications. This book provides information on selective applications, which impact the economy of the energy industry. In addition, the book describes about the results and influences of selective applications in Germany’s energy sector including energy sources, energy consumption and energy supply. It also demonstrates the capabilities of nanotechnological applications for minimizing emission and enhancing the energy efficacy and energy economy till the year 2030. It also deliberates about applying nanotechnology in smart windows, aerogels, superconductors and dye solar cells.

The book has been written by Ulrich Fahl, Alfred Vo and Jochen Lambauer from University of Stuttgart, Germany who are eminent authors in nanotechnology field.

This book will be useful for professionals, consultants, researchers, academicians and engineers in the energy industry and for those interested in the field of nanotechnology.


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