QD Vision Receives DoD Contract to Develop Quantum Dot-Based Devices

The Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded a contract worth $1.38 million to QD Vision to develop prototype devices utilizing electroluminescent quantum dots.

During the 12-month program, specialized devices will be developed and assessed under real-world conditions. The tested devices will then be deployed in the United States forces. Quantum dots or semiconductor nanocrystals are capable of emitting light at particular wavelengths when tuned. Quantum dot LEDs or QLEDs are thin-film devices that operate at low voltages and are capable of emitting light in both full-color and monochrome modes.

Lexington, Massachusetts-based QD Vision is a private firm specializing in quantum dot-based products. The company’s quantum dot technology offers special benefits in several lighting and display solutions, and security and defense projects. Its Quantum Light platform promises revolutionary developments in current-generation technologies such as LEDs, LCDs and OLEDs.

The President and Chief Executive Officer at QD Vision, Jason Carlson stated that the Department of Defense award is a testament of the company’s dominance in emissive devices and materials, and integrates its strengths in electrical device physics, thin-film deposition and inorganic chemistry. The company is happy to undertake this challenging contract to deliver key novel technologies and devices to the United States Department of Defense.

QD Vision has a rich portfolio of nanotechnology patents originating at MIT. It has 9 issued patents and over 120 pending patents in nanotechnology.

Source: http://www.qdvision.com

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