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Integran Unveils Advanced Nanostructured Multilayer Coating Technology

Integran Technologies, based in Toronto, has reported the commercial availability of its innovative nanostructured multilayer coating technology.

Integran Technologies’ proprietary graded, multi-layer and nanolaminate technology delivers unprecedented design options in applying novel structural and functional improvements to a broad range of semi-finished and finished components, which include polymer composites, polymers and metals.

The US Department of Defense and the Canadian Government provided support in the development of Integran Technologies’ nanostructured multilayer coating technology, which is covered by several specific United States and foreign patent filings, which include the newly issued US 8,129,034.

The US 8,129,034 applies to automotive parts, sporting goods, precision molds, and lightweight articles and covers particular nanolaminates and fine-grained metallic coatings comprising carbon, boron, phosphorus, zinc, tungsten, molybdenum, iron, cobalt, copper and nickel.

Integran Technologies’ Vice President of Intellectual Property and Licensing, Klaus Tomantschger commented that the company is happy with the US Patent Office’s recognition on the extension of the company’s novel grain-refinement technology to its proprietary multi-layer laminate coating technology.

Integran is a specialist in sophisticated metallurgical nanotechnologies and provides cutting-edge process and product design solutions to a wide range of international customers through research and development, technology licensing, contract manufacturing and material sales. Integran and its ancestor organizations have been the leader in the development of metallurgical nanotechnology for more than two decades. The company is recognized for its materials technology development and commercialization, and holds the intellectual property rights for cost-efficient metallurgical nanostructure production with more than 300 patent filings covering the composition, structure, processing and applications of its innovative materials.


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