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TSMC Joins Electron Multi-Beam Mask Writer Collaboration of IMS

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) has joined the electron multi-beam mask writer collaboration of IMS Nanofabrication. TSMC enlists its support to the collaborative program whose founding members are Intel, Dai Nippon Printing and Photronics.

The objective of this collective effort is to develop a multi beam electron mask writer that can be employed in sophisticated mask lithography applications in order to accomplish high throughput requirements and simultaneously complying with below 10 nm lithography requirements.

The program is at the end of the proof-of-concept phase. The subsequent phase of the collaborative program will entail the design and development of alpha and beta versions of the multi beam electron mask writer.

C.S. Yoo, Head of TSMC’s E-Beam Operation expressed his pleasure on TSMC’s participation in the collaboration. The members of the program extended their welcome to the latest entrant, TSMC and are of the belief that the collaborative program exhibits support from the industry’s merchant and captive mask makers.

IMS’s idea behind rallying the support of customers at the beginning stages of the development is to readily modify the product to suit the specifications of high volume manufacturing. In this regard, participants are expected to provide inputs to IMS on critical issues pertaining to mask manufacturing. The benefit to the participants of the program is in the form of early access to the tool and shared benefits of technology commercialization.


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