IMS Nanofabrication Commences New Partnership for eMET Technology

IMS Nanofabrication has declared that the company together with Photronics, Intel and Dai Nippon Printing is launching a joint electron multi-beam mask writer tool partnership to further develop the electron multi-beam projection technology of the company.

Photronics, Intel and Dai Nippon Printing are the first industrial partners to enter into the technology partnership deal with IMS Nanofabrication so as to promote its electron mask exposure tool (eMET) development program. They will offer input on mask production challenges that are crucial to advanced merchant mask manufacturers and device manufacturers. Through their participation, they get early access to IMS Nanofabrication’s eMET technology and benefit from its eventual commercialization in collaboration with more industrial partners.

The participation of Dai Nippon Printing, a major supplier of commercial photomasks to the electronics industry, boosts IMS’ recent equity financing round that also involved the contribution of Photronics and Intel. IMS’ Chief Executive Officer, Max Bayerl stated that the company is happy about the support being offered by Photronics, Intel and Dai Nippon Printing for the development of eMET technology for mask writing applications at sub 22 nm.

According to Intel Mask Operations’ Vice President and General Manager, Chiang Yang, the company is confident about the lithography capabilities exemplified until today by IMS Nanofabrication. Yang added that the company hopes that the industrial partnership to develop advanced photomask technologies for powerful solutions is significant in extending Moore’s Law. Naoya Hayashi, who is a Research Fellow of Dai Nippon Printing’s Electronic Device Operations, stated that the company looks forward to the development of the eMET technology via the joint worldwide partnership is crucial as the future-generation pattern writing platform.


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